Sparkle Motion


-a dance team-

Sparkle Motion is a very serious, artistic dance duo formed by Megan Patsel and Sabina Demidovich in 1998. For whatever reason, people think Sparkle Motion is really funny, but they do not see it.


Megan and Sabina were regarded as “stars” in their respective upbringings in suburban San Francisco and Pittsburgh, but now they are not teenagers anymore (sad!) and somehow still think it’s cute to perform dance numbers and make their friends watch.

Haters will say Sparkle Motion “make no sense” and choreographs dances that are “uncomfortable” to watch at points. But they don’t let this deter them: Megan once took a Postmodern Theatre class in college where a boy performed a “piece” where he tucked his junk then pulled off his pants and shouted “WHAT IS GENDER” so now she knows that art can be anything.

Do their parents approve of their dances? No– but Dad will still drive them to the mall if they ask nicely and that’s all that matters.

See for yourselves…


Full dance videos here.