8 Office Pranks That’ll Make Your Coworkers say “…What?”

I have a lot of fantasies about how to mess with people–things I’d never do because I’d look like a psycho, but would be funny to do. I’m never going to do any of these things (because I’d like to keep my job) but I wanted to pass along all the good stuff in case anyone needs any new pranks! Please enjoy!

1. Stand up. Address entire office. Loudly ask:

“Okay. Who is smoking pot in here?”

2. Start an office acapella group. Announce with an email:

acapella email3-01

3. Email your boss. Subject line: “pretty over this…”

“Getting a little fed up with some of the people in this office who are farting in the afternoon. Since no one else is stepping up to the plate, I will take it upon myself to just start calling people out (by name) when I smell it happening. Don’t need a raise for this, but wouldn’t mind one.”

4. Throw a “quick tip” in your team slack channel:

“Hey guys! Extra sour cream in the kitchen for whoever needs. Big tub on the counter. Hurry before it gets cold! Spoons at my desk”

5. Start an office prayer group. Announce with a slack message:

pray slack channel-01



6. For large team meetings where employees can submit anonymous questions to management (to be read aloud at the meeting) submit the following:

“When are we installing the new bathroom stall? Everyone’s pretty annoyed that we only have two in the women’s room, and I heard from someone that building a new stall would be an option. Timeline?”

7. Stand up. Address entire office. Loudly announce:

“Whoever is starting small fires at their desk please stop. I am allergic!”

8. Choose a “cause” and rally behind it. Alert team members via text before work. Maybe 7:00am so you can catch them before they’re awake:

pickle jar-01

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