The Megan Patsel Project

By senior year of high school, I was a drama nerd dead-set on being an indie film actress in LA, so I signed up for a film elective through the drama department. What I ended up getting was a class full of nerds and stoners (almost all male!), most of whom were already my friends, where we did everything except make films. I present to you now a visual representation of how I almost failed this class.

8 of My Favorite Pastimes

I like to think that I spend a lot of my time working on my hobbies, like writing and listening to music and drawing and watching movies. But, if an alien were to observe my life, I'm pretty sure they'd believe that the only things I ever do are take naps on couches, spill things, and go pee. Here's a list of those things I do again and again, to the point where they've become pastimes.